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MBA Summer Associate Position (Philadelphia)

Application deadline: 5/15/20

Philadelphia Summer Associate: Resources

Role and Expectations

As an New Forest Summer Associate you will lead at least one substantial operational project to impact the business. In addition, you will support the origination, evaluation, and due diligence of add-on acquisition targets. Position overview:

  • Operational activities: ~90% of time

  • Acquisition activities: ~10% of time

  • Manage the implementation of a new cloud-based operational system   

  • Design and implement a sales process that leverages cloud-based software systems to improve sales and profitability

  • Design and implement a cloud-based system for managing a global trading portfolio that can handle increased volume and inventory turns

  • Analyze current and historical data to improve financial forecasts 

  • Support data collection efforts and leverage new systems to better track KPIs and develop new dashboards

  • Enhance current marketing strategy

  • Develop and enhance customer segmentation and pricing models

  • Assess profitability by customer and revenue segment to make smart growth recommendations

  • Support data driven lead generation and filtering for add-on acquisitions

  • Support strategic analysis of adjacent industry add-on opportunities

  • Support valuation and due diligence for new acquisition prospects


Current enrollment in a full-time MBA program


This is truly a unique opportunity with a breadth of experience provided to the successful candidate. Benefits of work with us include: 

  • Hands-on experience: This role is an excellent opportunity to have true ownership and responsibility in making meaningful and material improvements to a business

  • Strategic toolkit development: Influence and enact the strategic vision in real time

  • Trackable results: All of the initiatives we are implementing will be opportunities to make measurable and concrete impact

  • Autonomy: Things move fast at New Forest and this role is an excellent opportunity for a candidate who wishes to have end-to-end ownership of important projects

  • Full-time positions are available for candidates who generate exceptional results and fit well with our culture

Successful Candidates

Some characteristics of a successful applicant include: 

  • Willingness to ask questions and have the self-awareness to know what they don’t know

  • Able to work well with management, support staff, and employees

  • Flexibility. Candidate will need to balance completion of 1-3 key projects

  • Adept at interacting with key stakeholders and customers

  • Creative thinking with strong problem solving and conflict management skills


Email us a copy of your resume and cover letter. 

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